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To the editor:

The left is so star-struck with Biden, they are in awe that he can read labels on an egg carton. It’s obvious when he opens his mouth, he trades one foot for the other. He must like “toejam.”

Kamala Harris has willfully contradicted herself by saying at the Kavanaugh hearings that “all allegations of sexual assault must be believed.” OK, why is it she thinks the accusers of Biden should not be believed? Why would she subject herself to his “touchy-feely” advances? I know, if she can’t declare him crazy, she has another plan in place.(Bill Clinton syndrome.)

She has taunted a record of putting hundreds in jail for low-level pot-use crimes and brags about using it herself. She can and must not be trusted.

In California, Gov. Newsom has implemented an order that houses of worship can’t sing or be fined and utilities be shut off. Also in California the Dems backed by Biden, have endorsed an “Assembly Bill 5” which in short, destroys free enterprise and emboldens unions. They intend to nullify 27 states’ “right to work” laws of which Utah is one of those states. By subverting that law, you will be forced to join a union or lose your job. They wish to enslave you.

The Dems are courting the public like a “one night stand.” They are lying to you to get you in the sack, then act like it never happened and will abandon you. Your hard-earned wages will go to corrupt union bosses and dishonest politicians on both sides.

Next comes pompous Pelosi. On 9-1-20, she was caught without a COVID mask in a hair salon that was to be closed for distancing. She claimed “It was a setup plan by Trump.” Right. Somehow he knew her itinerary.

After watching both the DNC and RNC conventions, the DNC was all about division, hate, their own bigotry and said nothing in the way of encouraging prosperity. Full contrast of the RNC with real-life stories of success and personal achievements from many private citizens.

Pres. Trump is working for America. The corrupt D.C. swamp wants to rob you of your paycheck, dignity, and your freedoms. The left believes they are the entitled ones, not you. I ask, “If anyone on the left were to give a speech in a forest and nobody was there to hear it, would they still lie?” The answer would be a resounding yes. The Dems have a hard enough time getting things done in spite of the rules that govern discussion and debate. Without those rules, they would be more lost than they are already. Just a bunch doltish people that won’t play by the rules.

Russ Larsen


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