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To the editor:

Recently, my dad and I went up to Temple Fork, in Logan Canyon, to see where the timber was harvested to build the Temple in Logan. My 91-year-old dad was dean of the College of Natural Resources for 30 years. His intimate knowledge of our forests and the beautiful weather made for a remarkable day of hiking and history lessons.

The fir and spruce trees were cut up in a sawmill and hauled out by wagon train to the river. From there, they floated down to the mouth of the canyon. Now National Forest land, on that day, it was brimming with hikers, campers, hunters, as well as an abundance of beaver dams.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by National Forests. Well managed forests prevent fires. Multiple uses, timber, grazing, camping and hunting, we all benefit from public land.

The state depends on federal money that comes to us in lieu of taxes. It is a good deal for us as we get the benefits of the land use, income from the feds, and tourists and students who come here to enjoy the mountains. The area is a reservoir for wildlife, clean air and water.

I am a candidate for the Utah Legislature. If elected, I will work to assure that we have healthy forests which will attract people, income, and students to Logan. I will also bring the experience of being raised by an ecologist who dedicated his life to the preservation of our national treasure.

Mary DaSilva


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