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To the editor:

In response to the recent section attempting to show some applauding and praise towards Dell Loy Hanson and the “wonderful” things he has done for Cache Valley, my response is this:

For anyone to have said the things he has said and done what he he has done in the professional sports world, it doesn’t matter what little good he has done elsewhere. His “wonderful” and highly applauded charitable donations and support he has provided Cache Valley is not without fault. I mean, please, come on. Let us bring up the things he did with a fellow Cache Valley businessman and well-known restaurant owner. Nobody’s talking about how Dell Loy Hanson, wonderful and charitable Cache Valley citizen, treated this businessman. Oh yes! His wonderful and charitable attitude was really the pretentious stuck-up demeanor fitting of the wonderful and charitable Boston Northeast USA clowns. His continuous attitude and how he has treated business partners and his fellow Cache Valley citizen has been subpar, and while he does not know me and I don’t know him personally, his attitude on the several occasions I have interacted with him in the past leads me to believe he and Mr Trump like to make the local headline under the caption of “Local Hero.”

Real Salt Lake doesn’t need him around and, frankly, Cache Valley and the wonderful state of Utah don’t need him around either unless he’s making a wonderful and charitable donation of posting up in the local landfill.

Jay Salisbury


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