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To the editor:

I enjoyed reading Paul Rogers’ letter to the editor published on Thursday, Sept. 10, and appreciate his focus on good people coming together to stand for common values.

I particularly liked his words: “Thankfully conservative stalwarts are stepping forward. These are people whose views I may not totally agree with, but whose core values include preservation of constitutional principles … they see a greater good, a patriotism even, in standing up against irresponsible behavior.”

As someone who lived half of my life as a card-carrying Republican and still value what is good in that party, I often wish for less animosity between Republicans and Democrats. These days we repeatedly hear “the Republicans” or “the Democrats” spoken of as though they were an enemy rather than our friends, our neighbors, and our fellow citizens.

Come on, fellow Utahns and fellow Americans … We really can save America’s soul by voting for leaders who show respect and compassion, and who actually strive to live by the pledge we recited in grade school. You remember, “ … one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Debbie Mays

North Logan

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