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To the editor:

Truth matters. When it comes to national policy, it can have like and death consequences.

This week we heard Trump state, on tape, that he intentionally deceived the American people by understating the severity of COVID-19. This went on for a month as SARS-CoV-2 began its exponential spread through the country, ultimately resulting in almost 200,000 deaths and devastating economic consequences.

This week we also learned from DHS whistleblowers, that they were asked to repress the real threat of white nationalists and exaggerate the threat posed by Antifa, and to exaggerate the number of terrorists entering our country. In matters related to our security, officials were asked to suppress the facts to support Trump’s fiction.

Trump says his COVID-19 lies were intended to keep us calm. Yet this falls flat because it contrasts with Trump’s most consistent motivator: fear.

Trump’s campaign, is structured around getting us to fear based on speculative exaggerations of intelligence, or entirely fictional constructs. He struggles to tell us what he will do, the GOP literally has no platform, so he makes up horrible fictions about the future under a Biden administration.

At a recent campaign rally, Trump stated that Biden would remove protections for preexisting conditions, when it was Biden who worked to establish them in the first place. In reality, his administration is currently fighting in court to destroy these protections. A blatant lie, intended to spread fear.

Trump also tells us, without evidence, that Biden will “destroy Social Security,” yet he supports undermining the payroll tax, which would almost certainly do so. Again, more lies.

Biden has many specific and concrete plans posted on his campaign’s website. I encourage you to read them because they have been, unsurprisingly, grossly mischaracterized by Trump.

When historians look back at this administration, I suspect that they will view the constant assault on truth — and the politicization of federal institutions to perpetuate Trump’s lies — will have caused the longest-lasting detrimental impacts to our republic. Sound policy decisions come from facts, not conspiratorial delusions.

There have now been dozens of long-standing Republicans, many with first-hand knowledge of Trump’s “leadership,” who have warned us that he is “unfit for office” and a “danger” to us all. We should listen to these patriots, who have the courage to speak truth to power and put country before party.

We can repair the damage inflicted by Trump and his cronies, and we must. It is our civic responsibility to show Trump that he is the “loser” and not the brave men and woman who continue to protect and preserve our freedoms.

Vote like the integrity of our country depends on it, because it does.

Jeff Ostermiller


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