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To the editor:

I just helped my sister move into a fourplex not far from the Temple, and all I can say is, what an absolute dungheap. You slumlords (and there is a lot of you) need to be ashamed of yourselves. She has to pay $50 a month on top of her rent so that she can have a cat in a place that reeks of cat urine already.

That is something else. You’re all holding the cards in this housing game, because the demand is high and that’s why you continue to get away with this. You all need to be held to a higher standard, but there is none. Refusal to update and make nice your properties, while you continue to sit back and collect payment at market value.

I’d ask how you all can sleep at night, but I know you sleep just fine on your pile of cash. Despicable.

Gary R Olsen

College Ward

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