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To the editor:

I must admit I am a registered Republican, but this season, I am ashamed to say so. Our representatives’ divisive rhetoric and self-incriminating disregard for law and order are deplorable. Their example and behavior set the tone for how we the people will be represented. For this reason, I have to conclude that Darren Parry, a Democrat, will be the best leader for the 1st District. His lifelong experience, service to and knowledge of the 1st district totally eclipses Blake Moore’s youthful and inexperienced promises beholden to international big business glitter, the CIA and political opportunism. Darren speaks with the wise voice of one who listens and relates to the people in his district; Blake does not … he doesn’t even live here.

Darren also represents the First Nations present in our district, too long ignored and forgotten. Finally, Darren favors Second Amendment rights and understands the local issues we care about. It is time we take a long introspective look at who we are to decide who indeed merits our support. If Blake is serious about representing us, he should stay for a while and get to know us better; then, if we like each other, he might be elected next time. Keeping a constitutional republic alive with democratically elected representatives who care is hard work. Let’s stop our “autopilot” party politicking and vote intelligently and conscientiously the way our country requires and deserves.

Lisa Jorgensen


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