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To the editor:

I have a number of reasons to vote in November. The first number is 28. That’s the number of combat missions I have as a Special Forces medic. Next is 20. The number of years I served on active duty. Eleven is the number of years I served overseas. We lost many brothers and sisters during those years. None of them were losers and I wasn’t a sucker because I chose to serve my country instead of serving myself. Trump can’t fathom doing anything that isn’t going to benefit him personally. He had five deferments for an easily corrected bone spur during the period he was asked to serve his country. Instead he served himself. He continues to do so as our president.

When Trump disrespects Gold Star parents, disrespects our generals, and our fallen and wounded warriors, he disrespects everything many of us stand for. He disrespected the late John McCain by saying he doesn’t like people who get captured.

Trump didn’t want disabled and disfigured vets in military parades. He didn’t want to see them. He thinks nobody wants to see that! I don’t want to see Trump in our White House. I will use my one vote to get him out. I will also use my ballot to get rid of the Trump loyalists from elected government positions. They have infected our county councils, our statehouses, and our federal offices.

I served during a Cold War and two hot ones. During the Reagan years people who met with Russian intelligence agents were quickly arrested. Today they are protected by leaders in Reagan’s own Republican Party. The Trump campaign met with Russian agents on his behalf in 2016 to get Russia’s help to win an election. Now Trump’s personal lawyer and emissary Rudy Giuliani is mixed up with Russian agents on behalf of the president to influence this election. Our intelligence service knows this, but Republican leaders in the Senate and the Attorney General brush this all aside. I was once a Republican, but no more. My loyalty is to American ideals, principles and promises and not to a political party. Certainly not the Party of Trump.

Five times I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. I can still serve my country in November by ending the Trump reign of disrespect, dysfunction and disloyalty. I know many of you also see the erosion of civil society at the hands of Trump immorality. I know he has a cult-like following who defend his every move. I just hope the better angels of our nature will win the day this November.

John Nelson


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