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To the editor:

This presidential election is not a personality contest! We are voting for either the Constitution of America or for socialism. Many lives have been lost in wars to protect the Constitution. Do you enjoy living where you wish, owning a home or a business, choosing your physician, religious freedom, school choice, prosperity, running for an elective office, able to write to your elected official, voting, etc. How important to you are the many freedoms we enjoy? Where you put your “X” on the election form will decide if we keep our freedoms or lose them.

It’s the cities that have been run, for decades, by the Democrats that have the most homeless, the most crime, the most murders, and the worst inner city schools. Venezuela used to be a well governed, beautiful country that was an example to others, and then the socialists got into power and the nation is now just the opposite. Food is at a premium, people have lost homes, they are poor and have lost their freedoms

Have you ever listened to Trump or appreciated any accomplishment or campaign promises he’s kept, or have you just closed your mind to anything he does? He has done more for religious freedom, given people jobs, lower prices, and the country is now a top energy producer and exports more.

Voting against Trump is voting against America. Freedom and the Constitution mean everything to me. I hope they means everything to you also. Vote for freedom/Constitution — Trump/Pence.

LuAnn S. Harris


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