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To the editor:

I would like to briefly address the Logan District policy/philosophy, which I will refer to as the Schofield Doctrine, to pick teachers as coaches as the driving qualification. That Logan High School employment status is the #1 determining factor in the success of a sports program. It’s a convenient thing to believe, because then you don’t have to do the hard work of gathering information, communicating with students, parents and coaching staff, and truly considering what is in the best interests of those involved. You don’t have to factor in any of the obvious negatives of such a philosophy.

Let the Schofield Doctrine sink in. The overriding criteria we want for our coaches is for them to be teachers at Logan High. This is so unfair to provisional coaches. We aren’t going to look at your qualifications, past successes, years of service, or rapport with parents, athletes, or coaching staff. We won’t consider if you are plugged into that sports community and can mentor new coaches and facilitate scholarship opportunities. Just the lazy consideration of: “this person is a teacher and this one isn’t.”

No consideration if the teacher is coaching multiple sports and is spread thin. That the teacher-coach is not going to have time to do off-season work.

No consideration that the teacher-coach will have to miss classes and that there are disadvantages to other students in having to deal with substitutes.

The Schofield Doctrine as a Logan High policy has already resulted in a demonstrably negative impact on attracting and retaining the best coaches. If possible a coach would try to recruit athletes from outside of their geographical boundaries. Why would you intentionally limit the talent pool you can draw from, based on employment status? What highly qualified coach is going to want to be treated in such an unprofessional and inconsiderate way? Why are you driving off current talent?

The Schofield Doctrine is unfair to provisional employees and subsequently to students, parents and coaching staff. It needs to be replaced before more damage is done.

Rebecca Thompson