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To the editor:

The 2019 valedictorians at Logan High School deserved a fair, objective, and transparent process for selecting those to be given an opportunity to speak at graduation. The Logan High administration came up with a process and sent a letter out to the valedictorians. There would be an audition process and five valedictorians would be selected. The administration timed the audition in the middle of Advanced Placement testing, making it difficult for those with a more rigorous class schedule. Principal Auld unilaterally decided, without informing any of those impacted, that one of the valedictorians wouldn't have to audition. When word of this change got out and the final selection was made with three boys and two girls (three boys trying out and nine girls), including a student who had taken no AP classes, the disillusionment with the process was complete. One set of parents went privately to the administration to complain and were dismissed as being the only one that had a problem with the process. A group of valedictorians then collected signatures and went to the administration to show that it was not an individual grievance. I commend Principal Auld for providing an education in how totalitarianism works. As he so eloquently explained to those valedictorians, “You don't have to like it but you have to accept it.”

This isn't an isolated occurrence in the Logan High administration making unilateral decisions, impacting students and parents, without regard to their concerns. My experience has been that when an administration is biased and incompetent in simple matters, they are biased and incompetent in most matters.

James Thompson


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