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To the editor:

I would like to encourage anyone who may have missed it to go to the Herald Journal’s website and read Carol Foht’s letter to the editor entitled “Nuclear plants need more thorough review.” (HJ Aug. 13) If what she is warning us about regarding the potential adoption of the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Project isn’t enough to make you question the wisdom of this project, I suggest you google “60 Minutes,” select “full episodes,” and watch the episode entitled “The Principles of Ray Dalio, Robots to the Rescue, Monaco.” The Robots episode addresses the problems and dire consequences of the Fukushima Plant Meltdown. The meltdown occurred eight years ago in Japan and it still poses a massive threat to the area as they are still unable to get the meltdown under control.

The reality of a meltdown is truly frightening. The Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Project would provide power to Cache Valley and it is being considered by the Logan City Council. As Ms. Foht stated in her letter, “We really need to do as much homework on this one as we can.” Encourage the Logan City Council to slow down and consider all the consequences of a commitment to such a risky and potentially dangerous project.

Linda Bettinger

North Logan