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To the editor:

What the heck … Missionaries returned home and hundreds show up at the Salt Lake Airport with families, young and old, to welcome them, completely disregarding the rules of “social distance.” Large crowds, people hugging and kissing and totally disrespectful of airport personnel trying to keep things orderly. The biggest culprits in all of this are the adults ... parents, friends, family. They showed up in droves. The young missionaries got sucked into these poor choices.

I get that you feel your son or daughter deserves the big welcome, but at risk of spreading this horrible coronavirus? It’s not just about exposing people you don’t know (if you don’t care about that), it’s more apt to affect your own family. Now that your son or daughter is back home, you do have a responsibility to take care of them and set a good example. No one is without sacrifice right now. Why should you be any different? Businesses are shut down. Churches are empty. People can’t go out to dinner in a restaurant. Countless people are out of a job. The schools are empty and children are attending classes online. Missionaries are being brought home early. What more do you need to tell you, we are in a crisis! Shame on you!

My husband was supposed to have a serious heart procedure this week. It was cancelled because there were people with the coronavirus in the ICU. He was at greater risk if he had the procedure and ended up “accidentally” getting the virus. For him, that could be fatal. A friend has an extremely painful knee and needs a replacement. Her appointment was cancelled. Another friend’s relative has a serious heart condition. Her appointment … cancelled. So many people waiting to be taken care of and are now on a waiting list for who knows how long because we can’t get a handle on this virus.

People are getting sick and dying all around the world. The numbers are staggering. Here in Utah alone, the numbers are getting higher every day. Wake up, people. Actions like we saw at the airport are totally irresponsible and selfish!

When the missionaries return home, they are being “advised” to self-quarantine at home. Good luck with that. Hopefully there will be a responsible adult in the house to monitor things before someone gets really sick. Look at that family in New Jersey. They lost four people in one extended family and three more were critical … all after a family gathering.

If you’re willing to ignore what’s happening around you in hopes that God will take care of you, I’m not so sure God is willing to go along with stupid! We do have a choice to at least do our part. If you haven’t started yet, please start now.

Carol Foht


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