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To the editor:

“Joe Biden’s Gun Control Policy/Will Biden Take Away Your Guns?” That is the name of a YouTube video, wherein the guy has the information from Biden’s website right in front of him, and he pragmatically talks about it to explain what each of Biden’s gun control points would mean in actuality.

This whole thing with guns and the Second Amendment reminds me of when there was a push to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed, which on the surface sounded good. But in actual interpretation, one thing the ERA would have meant is that women would be required to fight in combat alongside the men, in a war. (And yes, I know, nowadays some women wish to do this). But my point is that even though the ERA didn’t pass, the people who wanted it to pass have brought about their desires in other ways. I compare this to what Biden/Harris want to do with our gun rights, and I think the guy’s reasoning in this video is sound — about how we WOULD lose most of our gun rights.

One thing to remember too, is that the lawless will always have the guns that we won’t have if Biden/Harris get their way, which would leave us very vulnerable in our homes.

I so appreciated the article by Kate Anderson about the rule of law, which was followed by an article by Debbie Mays about chasing leprechauns, criticizing what Kate had said about gun control — however, my guess is that even though Kate worded it as “losing our Second Amendment,” she probably in actuality meant what the YouTube video explains.

Diana Larsen


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