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To the editor

Folks, Jerry Nadler’s dog and pony show (Mueller’s witch hunt) has come and gone with less than the Dems expected. Now, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, among others that had their bubbles burst are really grasping for more thin air (maybe it’s the ozone layer).

Mueller performed pathetically, and those shallow dunderheads can’t stand it. Boo-hoo!

So many leftist crybabies say that Pres. Trump is no politician, so he had no business running for the commander in chief.

As I recall, though U.S. history lessons taught, another “regular guy” ran once for that office and won. His name — Abraham Lincoln.

Although Pres. Lincoln didn’t have the B.S. we have in today’s society, he solved many a problem, as Pres. Trump has (and is doing) today on a similar scale, only bigger and more complicated. Pres. Trump is a true chess player.

On another crazy left-wing idiotic item, Bernie Sanders is advocating minimum wage at $15 per hour. He must have been asleep during Economics 101 when they passed out the homework assignment.

Although it sounds good, it has already backfired on him. Some of his staffers that were making a lot less challenged him to practice what he preached, so the raise was given. In return he cut their hours from 60 a week to 43 a week. Now he pays less than he was paying in most cases. The moral of the story is why rock the boat just to sink the ship?

When will these churlish people learn? More than likely never. It’s called “Open Big Mouth and Insert Foot.”

Also, “The Squad” right now is showing more bigotry and racism than our president could ever imagine. Just pay attention to their “sound bites” when being interviewed.

It all comes down to the old saying of, “The pot calling the kettle black.”

It’s all hubrisness on the part of the left clandestine ninnyhammers that shows their true character.

Comedian Foster Brooks in a gig with dean Martin said, “A person without a brain becomes a politician who turns into a vegetable and then becomes a fruit.” Just look at many of those longtimers — all fruity.

Russ Larson


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