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To the editor:

I have always thought it was my responsibility as a citizen to speak out when I saw something that needed comment. I have served in public office, both on city council and school board. As I have gotten older I have developed the philosophy that is stated in the axiom: For people who understand no explanation is necessary, for people who don’t understand no explanation is possible. Also its corollary: There is no known cure for stupid. Thus my letters have stopped.

I have decided I need to comment on the situation that has developed in Providence. I wrote all five members of the City Council a couple of weeks ago wondering why they were not enforcing existing city ordinances, but instead planning to get the city in the business of installing and owning a fiber optic cable system at a cost to the citizens of $8,000,000. Count the zeros. That is a new tax per household of around $3,600. Only two even acknowledged they got my letter. One respondent wanted to drive about the city with me and look at problems, but when I tried to schedule that visit, he was unavailable. The other scolded me and said she didn’t like my tone. My bet is that the members of the City Council could not even write their own personal check to cover their part of this travesty.

A letter appeared last week written by a member of the City Council stating that this new expenditure wasn’t going to cost anyone anything. The $8 million was going to appear magically out of the air and the citizens of the city were going to simply get much better service at a lower cost. If you believe that whopper, I’d like to sell you some ocean front property I own in Wyoming. The letter writer also said that she ran for City Council with the only objective to bless and serve. Like Mr Biden, she plans to bless and serve us until she has spent all of the money we have or our kids will ever make. The new debt she proposes for the city is far more than the city has ever been indebted. Like Jen Saki she is going to circle back to the bleeding roads and failure to enforce existing city ordinances at a later time. As one citizen I plead with you, PLEASE quit blessing and serving me.

Ralph Call


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