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To the editor:

Thanks for printing Peter Bradford’s essay on the financial irresponsibility of the nuclear power industry (“If pattern holds true, Utah nuclear power plan doomed to fail”, May 22).  I didn’t know that the proposed operator of the Utah nuclear power scheme (Energy Northwest) was responsible for the second largest bond default in U.S. history under their former name when four of the five nuclear plants they wanted to build were cancelled after cost estimates increased 500%. 

Besides their financial record, we need to know how their small modular nuclear reactors are different from the unsafe Chernobyl and Fukushima reactors, how nuclear waste will be treated, whether the technology will contribute to nuclear weapons, and how the used reactors will be disposed of. There is a lot of uncertainty in nuclear power, and ultimately we need to know what we will be liable for.  I sure hope Utah takes a long, hard look at the proposal and doesn’t fall for the siren song of nuclear power.

Dave Powelson


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