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To the editor:

In the last four months, the American public has had to suffer with a total government malfeasance. The rioting and destroying of businesses and stealing of property is like a coup de grace to our economy. The politicians' ignorance about the complexity of economic life is stunning as was their hypocrisy. Every elected official, public health expert and media pundit who lectured Americans about the need for an indefinite lockdown had a secure (essential) job. Not one of them feared his employer would go bankrupt. They have the poor old taxpayer to pick up their wages. We had tax increases last year in state, county, city, school board. Now get ready because these same people in their ignorance will be shouting for more taxes to make up their losses in tax revenues. Someone once said the power to tax is the power to kill. So now look out, the taxpayer gets penalized again.

Roy Parkinson


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