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To the editor:

Random thoughts from your favorite outspoken atheist. No, they’re not all about that.

1. But this one is. Once again I sigh and roll my eyes while wondering why a newspaper has a ‘faith’ section. What a marvelous way for a corporation like the Mormon church to get loads of free publicity. There are church publications for that, and, of course, members pay for those. So, the church is paid to do its own publicity. Clever.

We are taught in today’s paper to blindly obey the Word of Wisdom, although blind obedience is a dangerous, demeaning idea and the Word of Wisdom was ripped off from a health pamphlet written by a man who lived about 20 miles from Joseph Smith at the time. This edict makes no sense, as referenced today, and we obviously don’t need it to understand what is healthy for us and what isn’t. By the way, Joseph Smith was said to be drunk some of the time and certainly didn’t follow his own teachings. He also stole other men’s wives.

We’re also taught, in another article, about the First Vision, among other unproven claims. I wonder which version of that supposed vision people should believe, since Joseph Smith wrote down a minimum of five versions of that incredible event. Some people say there are 12 versions, and no one saw any of those versions for 12 long years. Each version is radically different than the previous one, which seems odd considering that an experience like that would be indelibly imprinted on a person’s brain and would change the course of human history. So, once again, a newspaper prints claims that have no evidence for their validity and provides a mouthpiece for a business entity that rakes in far too much money already.

2. We absolutely love going to the farmers market here in Logan. It has a great vibe, we love the music, and I think we dog-watch more than we people-watch. Highly recommended. To the nice man who runs the bread stand near Main Street – two of your asiago sourdough loaves have my name on them this Saturday.

3. We love and support our local law enforcement – we proudly display a Thin Blue Line decoration on the front of our home. But, I so wish those wonderful officers would yank people who don’t go the speed limit in the left lane and refuse to budge right off the road and give them a big ticket. Same goes for those who putt-putt out in front of people bearing down on them at 60 mph and then don’t get up to traffic speed. It’s dangerous and frustrating.

Living in Logan is never boring, that’s for sure.

Cathy Mason

College Ward