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To the editor:

Near the end of 2020 your reporter Thaya Gilmore wrote a fascinating column about ancestors from the Mayflower, the small sailing vessel that brought 102 brave souls to the New World in 1620. She had chosen four individuals to research their family histories, just on the chance that they had ancestors on that historical voyage. They all did! As a native of Massachusetts and one who has at least three such ancestors, I was fascinated. Having received a prompt from Ancestry.com that I had pilgrim ancestors, I decided to check it out. To my utter amazement, I discovered 20 of them! Twelve of those ancestors are my eighth, ninth, or tenth great grandmothers or grandfathers. The others fall in the category of great aunts and uncles.

That prompt has ignited a fire in me to learn more about these adventurers and believers. The computer offers excellent pathways to such information. Family Search, Ancestry.com, and many other sites are brimming with facts and connections. Relativefinder.com even connects you to the possible celebrities and other notables to whom you may be related.

As was noted by one participant in the article, having famous ancestors gives us more than a sense of pride. It demands that we strive to live worthy ourselves to make a positive contribution in our time and place.

After a year filled with pandemic, political upheaval, natural disasters, and hosts of negativity, it was refreshing to read about the courage and bravery exhibited by this small group of pilgrims so long ago. Thank you!

Andrea Jorgensen


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