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To the editor:

Just came back down Smithfield Canyon from a bike ride. I have noticed the signs the Forest Service has placed in fire pits stating the ban on campfires. I say "thank you" to the Forest Service. This should leave no doubt in people's minds about the ban.

I did take a ride up Beaver Creek and there were the same signs posted in fire pits but alas, I passed two campsites where this warning was ignored and families of campers were burning fires. One thing I noticed up Smithfield was a sign posted at one of the camping spots that stated that, that particular camp spot was closed and it it had checkmarks on the sign as to why. The following was checked: discarded trash not disposed of, fire left unattended, and human waste not disposed of.

I applaud the Forest Service for doing this even though it is somewhat of an inconvenience for those of us who respect our resources and not only clean up after ourselves but others as well. I wish there was a way to ban the violators of this practice from using out natural resources, but I understand there are too many of them. Although this is unfortunate for the many, it is a sacrifice I am willing make if it helps make people realize they need to be respectful of our natural resources as well respectful of others.

I did not need the Forest Service to inform me of the fire restrictions. I did it weeks before they enforced it. It does not take a rocket scientist to use common sense in matters such as this. Please take care of what we have and don't be selfish and ruin it for others.

Cory Swenson


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