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To the editor:

On March 26th 2019 after two years of litigation San Diego County District Judge Cynthia Bashant sent CAIR (the Council on Islamic Relations) from San Diego public schools.  CAIR received the same reception in Washington State and West New York, New Jersey.

On April 2nd, the Salt Lake Tribune reported the Utah Muslim Civic League is partnering with the Washington-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in a pilot program to train 50 teachers in the Salt Lake City area on how to grasp the needs of their Muslim students.

Over two hundred years ago without cowering, at the risk of life, 56 colonials affixed their signatures to the United States Constitution, making July 4th possible. My revolutionary heroes are John Peter Zenger and his council, Scottish born Pennsylvanian Andrew Hamilton, who stood  up to the crown and New York Governor Cosby. 

No one in today's Congress nor any newspaper has the courage to stand up to the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR for fear of fatwa fulfillments. Doing the opposite of my 56 heroes, they are selling out our children's future to those who are causing the cultural disintegration of the Western world.

On this 2019 July 4th holiday, not a soul is accepting the responsibility of "establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility … and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity.” Today's American children need us! Let's celebrate this July 4th like it is our last. Heads up - keep the stars and stripes waving.

Warren Pugh