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To the editor:

Once upon a time there were citizens who enjoyed their properly zoned beautiful city. Then … the Densemen came, trying with doublespeak (DS), to sway citizens to believe that density rules! Citizens said NO to high density in their established single-family neighborhood. The Densemen turned south. Would the Council members there approve the Densemen’s request for annexation and novel rezoning?

Residents from both cities spoke against the applications at Providence meetings — the non-sustainable growth applications needlessly forcing three-story, high density into an established neighborhood. The Council approved it. One Council member declared a conflict of interest that could result in personal benefit and then proceeded to vote for the application. Hmmm ...

The BinYard was born — a pile of crowded buildings, wedged in between three narrow roads. The Densemen proclaimed “Smart Growth” (DS). Signs proclaim: Trails (DS)!; “Land Rights! (DS)”; “Attainable (DS) Housing” (A Ferrari is “attainable”... maybe ... but it is not affordable to most of us); the onsite, inappropriate highway billboards say “Community (DS)”, but not “Neighborhood.”

Concerned citizens collected signatures on a referendum to halt the march of 500 additional vehicles that will endanger children in an already congested school zone. The Council postponed the referendum ballot for two elections — one Presidential. Hmmmm ...

Citizens who collected the signatures were exercising their right to question a Council vote which a majority of the public opposed. Near the Providence commercial zone, with PROPER infrastructure to support density, the Densemen are building hundreds of units. A NO vote on Prop 1 will be a vote for our children’s safety, sustainable growth and reliable zoning.

Bob Bissland


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