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To the editor:

When you drive through Providence, you’ll see signs supporting Prop 1: Voting for prop 1 supports attainable housing, home ownership, property rights, etc. Here’s what those signs really say.

“Attainable housing.” Any house that is available is attainable. Voting yes or no will not change if housing is attainable but rather when it becomes available.

“Home ownership.” If you look up Cache County parcels and search Visionary’s multi-family housing, you’ll find many are either owned by LLCs, individuals that own several units, and others that do not claim the property as their primary residence. This means families are not buying these multi-family housing units to establish roots in the community but landlords are buying these to make a buck.

“Property rights.” What kind of property rights are they advocating? The technical definition of property rights relates to the ability to buy, sell, or rent their property but that’s a right that Prop 1 neither denies nor grants.

“Providence.” Read the City Council minutes concerning the Vineyard development. Citizens expressed concerns about LCR and high-density development specific to this area of Providence. You’ll see the City Council and employees deflect and ignore citizen concerns.

Voting no on Prop 1 will not stop you from supporting attainable housing, home ownership, property rights, but it will stop the annexation of the property into Providence to be zoned as LCR. The developer can reapply with a different zoning more suited to what Providence citizens want. A vote yes guarantees high-density/multi-family housing.

Emily Watterson


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