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To the editor:

I was amused by Ralph Call’s latest vitriolic rant against everything Fox News tells him that he should be angry with. For all you Providence residents who are tired of hateful, divisive, self-interested rhetoric in politics, I wanted to mention the three candidates for City Council that Mr. Call advises you to vote against: Kristina Eck, Ryan Moeller, and Jeanell Sealy. There’s not a write-in option this year, so you’ll need to vote against at least two of us to follow Mr. Call’s advice.

But better yet, I hope that you don’t take his advice and vote for those of us running for office who won’t use fear and trolling to get our voices heard. As I heard responsible candidates speak the other night, what I listened to was the facts: Providence is growing, and if we don’t make critical decisions about how to manage that growth fairly and responsibly (and, God forbid, sustainably), the state will step in and manage that growth for us. I, for one, am grateful that our current mayor and City Council have taken their roles seriously and have been working on these sometimes sensitive and difficult issues.

I’m hoping that you all will help me add my name to those who are working hard to make living in Providence more accessible, more inclusive, and better for everyone, not those who will keep Providence comfortable for the likes of Ralph Call.

Ryan Moeller


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