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To the editor:

I have hesitated to write this opinion for a considerable amount of time. However I waited long enough. I question the decisions of Logan city about their determinations of road alteration. Two come to mind. (1) Removing the right turn lane on 15th East and 10th North. You now have to practically swerve into oncoming traffic to make that turn. (2) MOST IMPORTANT. A yield sign on 10th and 1600 East at two locations and a Stop Sign on 10th and 1600 East when driving north. This is ridiculous. I now stop when leaving my house at this intersection and stare at the eastbound traffic waving me through who believe I have the right of way. The southbound traffic is also very confused as to who has the right of way. Your tax dollars paid for these changes and have caused traffic conditions to deteriorate. I would like to know who makes these wasteful decisions.

Kristine Johnson


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