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Ranked choice voting a welcome development To the editor:

In this week’s election, 23 Utah cities used ranked choice voting (RCV), including Nibley, River Heights, and Newton here in Cache County. As a voter, I am very hopeful that more cities, and eventually the state, will adopt this method of voting.

It was impressive to view the results of the ranked-choice elections on the Cache County website. The visualization of how the different rounds of balloting progressed made it very easy to understand how candidates were eliminated and how voters’ subsequent choices were allocated to other candidates after their first choices were no longer viable.

Seeing how the multiple rounds played out in River Heights and Nibley was fascinating, especially in River Heights where there were several candidates for town council on the ballot. Now, I don’t live in River Heights and know little about the reasons any of these folks ran for office, but I would imagine that with RCV in place, the winners of the race are — overall — more acceptable to the community at large than if simply the top two vote recipients enjoyed a winner-take-all.

Presumably, this coming session, there will be legislation proposed to expand RCV in Utah. I am hopeful that Cache County’s delegation will be supportive of anything that expands RCV, as it clearly provides a path for citizens to more effectively select who represents them at all levels of government.

Tyler Riggs


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