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To the editor:

The sitting president of the United States recently organized and incited a riotous mob in an attempt to overthrow the constitutional government of the United States, so that he could remain in power. The sitting president, the Republican president of the United States, inspired his supporters to commit a violent insurrection — against the legislature, against the Constitution, against us all. This is so far beyond the pale I do not have words to express my horror and dismay.

The crazy train that is the Republican Party left reality station some time ago, and it has arrived now at a station called open rebellion. And this is certain: There is no separating the Republican Party from these egregious events. The Republican Party has protected and enabled President Trump at every turn. The party owns this. It cannot remove the indelible stain that now defiles the party—that now defines the party. I am sure that many, perhaps most, Republicans will attempt to separate themselves from this travesty. They will strive to rebuild the party, to recover and repair the bit of normalcy that is claimed to remain. This is not possible. Even now some members of the party are downplaying the events, claiming that we must all ignore the sins of the past as some requirement to move into the future. Nonsense. The evil tree that is Trumpism has dropped its toxic fruit on the ground, poisoning the soil all around. The evil tree must be hewn down and cast into the fire, yes. But like some metaphorical Superfund site, the surrounding dirt must also be dug up and burned, and the remaining mineral soil and ash hauled far away into the desert, to be buried and forgotten to protect society from its deadly impact. The Republican Party must cease to exist and be buried deep in the past to protect our Constitution.

Donald Thompson

Hyde Park

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