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To the editor:

Alas, it is human nature to take the good things in our life for granted. Many of us are guilty of doing just that, of not really understanding how fragile our American democracy is. Though I remember being warned of this in my U.S. Studies class in high school, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would see that fragility demonstrated on the world stage.

If you have not yet taken time to watch the current congressional hearings going on concerning the Jan. 6, 2021 domestic attack on our nation, I urge you to do so. No matter your political leanings, it is sobering to listen to the evidence presented about the danger American democracy faced that day and, indeed, still faces today.

It is invigorating to witness the accurate, detailed retelling of the selfless courage of many who stood firm against the raw desire for power. Examples abound of both Republicans and Democrats who stood with honor against the forces who sought to destroy our way of life, not the least of whom was Vice President Mike Pence.

The Republican Party is in the midst of a day of reckoning. It is my hope that it will leave behind those who push principles aside in the rush for power and, instead, go back to its generational roots of truth, decency, and service in behalf of all Americans.

Debbie Mays

North Logan

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