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To the editor:

Four weeks ago, as of Thursday, myself, my wife and our two grandchildren we're saved by people that chose to act. They weren't in uniform but they may as well have been. These folks rushed toward our aide when it placed their well-being at risk.

Our truck had spun, slid, and flipped upside down in the rushing Logan River. It was then that our worst nightmares flooded in as our truck filled with water, trapping us. Our team of rescuers immediately went to work in a manner that would make one assume that they had done it before.

Our story has a satisfying outcome since each of us can now tell our story. Not that we want to spend more time dwelling on it. I want to share my eternal gratitude to everyone that gave a little bit of themselves that day and in the days to come.

Dean, Chris, Nathan, Ann, Kelly, Lindsay, Baylor, Tyson, Justin, and Brock. Along with everyone else that was there. Words cannot express my gratitude for the selfless way you took care of me and my family. You will forever be a priceless part of our lives. It is my wish that you know

your value to me and my family. I also hope that this experience brings memories of the outcome and not so much the incident, which from my recollection and yours was harrowing to say the least.

I want to thank each person that was there for us. The rescuers and support group who were in and along the bank of the Logan River. The responders who made sure that we made it to the hospital. The doctors, nurses, and support staff during our hospital stay. The members of our ward that provided meals, visits of encouragement, and prayers. Moreover, a community that came together to help us.

It's been four weeks and we're all on the mend and feel a great deal of gratitude. The actions and stories of everyone involved are inspiring. Moreover, they remind me that we're all in this together.

Jed and Kathleen Al-Imari and family