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To the editor:

To those who may still be supporting President Trump, and hoping that this impeachment inquiry might just blow over:

What to do with an American president who does not care if a foreign power meddles in our elections, so long as it helps him? What to do with one who favors our biggest geo-political foe over our country’s own interests, so long as it helps him? What do to with one who cultivates racial animus and winks at white nationalism, so long as it helps him?

Do you think he won’t show us his taxes as a matter of principle? Clearly, he won’t because they will reveal more of his corruption.

Look at how Trump is using his hotels, golf courses and the power of his office to line his own pockets, against the spirit and the letter of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution — even extorting money from our Armed Forces (whose chief he is!) and soliciting foreign dignitaries (who thereby curry corrupt favor with Trump) to enrich himself. He should not even OWN such businesses while president, let alone be profiteering from them!

You would excuse none of this in a Democratic president. If a Clinton had conspired with other nations in an attempt to defeat a Republican candidate, your heads would explode. If a Biden were to hide his illegal political machinations on servers meant only for national security secrets, your heads would explode. If a Warren had threatened a whistleblower and taken over the Justice Department with an attorney general who served only Democratic interests, your heads would explode.

So, what to do with a president who is caught, red-handed, asking another nation to help him cheat in the upcoming election in an attempt to retain power? He released a transcript of himself committing this crime because he is so far gone that he thought the transcript would exonerate him. He does not recognize the difference between right and wrong. He hopes that asking additional rogue nations, on television, to join in his corrupt attempts will make people forget that the thing he is doing is evil. It is worthy of impeachment. Don’t let him make you forget that.

We are all better than this. We must stop supporting this man now. We must demand that our representatives vote to impeach a being who has become a menace to our country and a risk to national security. And if he somehow survives this deserved and proper impeachment, we must not one of us vote to put him back in office next year. The Constitution will not survive it.

Rise up, brothers, sisters, friends. It is not too late. Rise up and save the Republic.

Eric W Jensen