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To the editor:

An open letter to Sen. Mitt Romney:

I am responding to your recent condemnation of President Trump for calling upon Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden and his family. Americans may disagree whether a presidential candidate should be exempt from corruption scrutiny. They may disagree whether a president should ask a foreign government to assist with such an investigation. They can disagree about how or even whether the president should go about fighting corruption involving foreign governments at all. They can certainly disagree on what constitutes election interference. Certainly, you are entitled to a viewpoint different of that of the president’s.

Some might consider you a courageous voice to stand up to Trump. The truly courageous person will also stand up to corruption, lawlessness and evil regardless of party affiliation. There is a constitutional crisis threatening to engulf us in the form of impeachment. You have made your animus toward Trump a priority of your Senate term thus far. Unfortunately for Utah, this animus appears to be the sum total of what the rest of America knows about you and what you stand for. This obsession appears to have blinded you to numerous opportunities to confront the most devastating scandals in our nation’s history. Just to name a few:

1) Significant evidence has emerged that the Obama administration engaged in illegal espionage against the Trump campaign which involved the use of foreign intelligence.

2) Warrants to spy on the Trump campaign relied on a discredited dossier compiled by a former U.K. spy. Clinton, the DNC and the FBI helped fund this Fusion GPS smear campaign. This dossier included false reports solicited from Russian sources.

3) Despite these egregious crimes by the Democrats, they have sought to sabotage this president at every turn, and they are presently conducting an impeachment inquiry without a vote from its members.

4) The open hostility of Congressional Democrats and the press toward Trump and any conservative viewpoint has deeply divided the country.

5) A threatening cloud of fascism hovers over the country and the left openly attacks the right to free expression by conservatives and/or Trump supporters.

Why have you not defended this nation, and the state of Utah, by confronting the evil that is engulfing our country and threatening to shatter it. Is it a lack of courage? Or are you perfectly okay the way the left wants to take this country? Or, is it just bitterness and resentment that Trump was able to do something you could not do? A lot of people like to say that you are a decent, upright man. Hopefully, it is true. But I will choose the fighter Trump over your decency any day.

Richard Jenson


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