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To the editor:

Public schools have the reality of being accountable to the public for the work we do, and it should be expected that our accountability is debated in public forums (like the newspaper) so parents and community members may we informed regarding the status of their public schools. Those discussions are most productive when they focus on issues and ideas, and are rarely beneficial when they devolve into attacks on individuals.

Recent letters published in the Herald Journal have unfortunately been characterized by false information and personal attacks. In the interest of accurate communication, let me provide additional information regarding concerns that have recently been shared.

First, all decisions regarding the selection of valedictorians, and the selection of speakers at graduation, are based on recommendations by the LHS Commencement Committee and a panel of outside reviewers who judged the speeches that were submitted for consideration, scoring them with a common rubric. Their recommendations were submitted to the school administration for approval. No decisions were made in isolation, and all decisions were made with the intent of honoring students who had excelled academically, acknowledging past school and community tradition, and recognizing the time constraints of a commencement service. The assertion that the school administration made arbitrary decisions based on personal whim, gender bias, or any other criteria, is false.

Second, some community members have complained regarding the decision to observe a moment of silence for the students who have passed away during the year, without naming them. When the high school administration requested clearance for a moment of silence I approved the request, as long as the families of the students agreed to us doing so. Not all parents gave that permission, so the decision was made that instead of naming only some students, thereby giving the false impression that other students had been forgotten, none of the students would be mentioned by name when the moment of silence was announced. The manner in which the moment of silence was carried out was planned in coordination with families and district administration. It was not determined in isolation by the school principal.

Other complaints and personal attacks on the school administration that have recently been made in the media and online have been equally misinformed, and false.

I am proud of the employees of the Logan City School District. Their commitment to students, and the skills they apply to serving those students, is exceptional. Principal Kenneth Auld is one of those educators. I have frequently observed his interactions with parents, students, staff, and community members, and I have seen his commitment to the welfare and success of every student and employee at Logan High. I am grateful I work with him.

Frank Schofield

Logan school superintendent

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