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To the editor:

I was so happy to learn that Mr. Parry of the Shoshone clan will be able to purchase some of the additional land his ancestors inhabited. I have distant Native American ancestors and know of the hardships they endured. They continued on with strength and integrity. I am glad to see that Native American history is being rewritten so that people know the truth about these mostly peaceful, Earth-loving people.

Carbon dating of artifacts has shown that some of these people were in America as far back as 20,000 years ago. The great creator placed them here because it was meant to be their home. I encourage anyone who has a fondness for Native American culture or Native American ancestors to find some way to donate or be involved with the Shoshone interpretive center. I am very excited and proud to have this near where I live and to visit it. Give yourself the opportunity for you and your children and grandchildren to know the true story of our Shoshone people.

I also think it is wonderful that the Child and Family place is working to educate children and adults on the different ethnic groups we all come from, which is "the spice of life.”

Kim Moore