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To the editor:

It is apparent that we all need to try and understand each other better. We are all agitated by the "other side.”

We think we're right and the others are wrong, and maybe we all are both in some aspect . (There are surely enough perspectives to go around). 

If only we could agree on what the facts are, perhaps we could agree on a resolution of our different perspectives.

We all were "willingly gullible" at times (Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny , Santa Claus, etc., etc.) and we all are ignorant of many things still. We are even "purposely ignorant" of certain things sometimes.

These shortcomings are understandable when they only affect ourselves or our families, but when we are "willingly gullible" for even transparent lies, and "purposely ignorant " of the actions that are damaging our society, world order, and environment, it becomes impossible to reach resolutions.

Unfortunately there are very few "screen" media outlets that strive to present all the information about these damaging actions. Consequently it may have become our patriotic duty to learn about these things, by expanding our routine sources of information, and trying to understand how others might be seeing the world. Otherwise we are being "purposely ignorant.”

There should be no shame or loss in abandoning even long-held opinions and beliefs for the truth, only growth. 

Ken Peterson