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To the editor:

I attended a recent meeting at Logan City Hall. This was in connection to what’s going to be happening to the Emporium and its two adjacent buildings to the north and south of it.

While there, one of the things that was reiterated by the speaker, Dan Lofgren, is that a community plaza is scheduled to replace those edifices. He also said that even though an architectural plan is in motion, it may also have some “fluid” adjustments to those plans. Lofgren also added that nothing was permanently set in stone.

While there, I raised my hand and suggested that the area where the apartments that are planned to be constructed, might be a visual asset to the community by constructing them with a more retro feel to them rather than what was presented. I feel that it would reflect much better the heart of Cache Valley. I added that if this wasn’t done, Logan would lose its “quaint appeal” that it is known for. The downtown area has been “quaint” for generations.

One thing I didn’t mention is that I think that there should be an area specifically set aside which would show what it looked like over the years, starting from the 1800s. I’ve shared images of these buildings through time on two Facebooks sites, Cache Valley Memories and Bridgerland's Cached Mementos. There, a person will be able to see for themselves these changes as one scrolls down that particular thread.

I would like to suggest this new downtown area encompass various historical images and antiquities. I believe that it would also be very appropriate to have bricks from the buildings being torn down and a history of them presented in that area.

By making this suggestion, I would be happy to help Logan city in that endeavor if they saw this important in their master plan.

If we don’t do some type of preservation, little by little Logan city will indeed lose its “quaintness” and its scenic and historic value. I’m here to see that this is cut to a minimum. I have collected photos and various memorabilia from Cache Valley for over 35 years. Although it may not be worth and arm and a leg, I am willing to share and donate my antiquities tied specifically to Cache Valley to the public which I feel is vital for the community and its heritage.

Once again to those who are the powers that be: I’m here to help in this endeavor if you’re interested.

If you agree with me, please share your thoughts and make it known to Mayor Daines and Logan city’s council members what your feelings are.

Darrin Smith