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Dear word boss:

I will try to say why folks should wear a mask and I will use words with just one word part. You see, there is a germ that makes us sick. It does. If you do not know this, go to the sick house and have a look. You will see a lot of sick folks. Yes, a lot. They have the germ. Some of them will die. It is bad. You might ask how they got the germ. They all got it the same way: through the nose or mouth. One nose or mouth has the germ, and then air goes out from the nose or mouth and takes the germ with it, and then the air goes in to a nose or mouth, and then that nose or mouth has the germ. Just like that. How can we stop this? Wear a mask. A mask makes it so that the germ stays with a nose or mouth, and does not go to a new nose or mouth. If we wear a mask, then we do not get the germ, and we do not have to go to the sick house. Then in a short time we will not need to wear a mask at all, and then we can all see what it looks like when we smile. Is that not a good thought?

Charlie Huenemann


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