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To the editor:

Many of us here in Cache Valley are concerned about single-use plastic bags, “SUPB’s”. This retired educator spends 40+ hours each week as a Personal Shopper in a major grocery/department store in Logan. Indeed, SUPB’s are my livelihood — but I have some issues! I want my store — and all Logan’s stores — to be creative and start making reusable grocery bags our main tool. Some of Logan’s grocery stores have some very creative ideas in that area — but frankly my store — whom I totally love and appreciate in so very many ways! — is not one of them. But —ATTENTION! — At my store I have discovered some very amazingly easy things we can do to change that reality and make reusable grocery bags a big part of our daily world! … Now! … and I’m putting my money where my mouth is —literally! … Hello! I purchased a quarter-page of ad space in today’s HJ to share my thoughts! Please check it out in today’s HJ! (or at www.reusable-bags-rule.com). Frankly, I’m confident that you’ll love the amazing simplicity and do-ability of my ideas! Please tell your grocery store managers to try these simple ideas (or variations thereof — and then please tell them again!

Davy McClay