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To the editor:

Would Jesus support Earth Day?

When my wife returned from her church meeting last Sunday, I asked if Earth Day, or some earth-honoring topic was discussed. She replied no, the discussion centered on Jesus, not the Earth. I conjectured that Jesus would most likely be a fan of Earth Day, for without the Earth neither he, nor we, would exist in our present form. Following a brief pause, she replied probably so.

According to many faiths, God, the father of Jesus, was responsible for creating our life-affirming planet, and the miraculous life it supports. I can only assume that God also would support Earth Day. In fact, I wager that both God and Jesus would suggest that every day be Earth Day.

Humanity has reached the frightening pinnacle of planetary control, primarily through fossil fuel emissions changing our climate, and industrial agriculture changing our land, water, and air.

I can only assume that God and Jesus are rooting us on to find solutions for these critical needs, which will be in harmony with the life support systems we all depend on. Below is a quote from the dominant faith in our state.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that God created the earth to provide a place for the human family to learn, progress and improve. God first created the earth and all living things spiritually, and all living things have great worth in His eyes. One of the Church’s most sacred religious ceremonies includes a portrayal of the loving care taken by God in creating this earth as a place for learning, experience and joy.”

Google “What do Latter Day Saints believe about caring for the earth” for more information.

I’m very aware that many other faiths have made strong commitments for the same.

Jack Greene


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