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To the editor:

In January the “progressives,” or socialists, took over the national government. Since that time their agenda has been print money, inflation, destroy energy independence, defund the police, surrender to terrorists, open borders, crime, abuse of civil rights, radicalize school curriculums, stiff new taxes, and a whole host of other misdirected policy initiatives. In short, both incompetence and wrong directed actions.

We have a mini reflection of that going on in Providence. The City Council has launched a blowout in spending, most of the money borrowed. They are digging up all of the streets and yards in the city to install fiber optic cable, a technology that is 25 years old, and will be totally obsolete long before it is paid for.

They are regularly using the statement coined in Washington. “This isn’t going to cost anything.” They are presiding over a massive increase in high density housing. One of the challengers appears to be as poor as the incumbents. If there is any conservative DNA left in Providence these three candidates should receive no votes except their own. I suggest that when you vote, you vote Nebeker, and write in a name. If quality of life matters, as citizens we have to be more active in making sure we have wise, competent, conservative people in city government. If what is happening now is not a wakeup call, then perhaps we also live in that post responsibility, post reality world.

Ralph Call


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