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To the editor:

There was an inaccurate reference in the April 27 “Weekend” edition of The Herald Journal. In the article “Ever-evolving,” it was reported that the Wilson area opposed the “project.” The residents were happy after Mr. Cragun's door-to-door visits, saying he was going to build 10 townhouses at 150 South 100 East (NR-6 zoning, 6 units per acre).

He also said he planned to enhance our Rec area park, Garff Gardens. It has 100-year-old trees. We believed 12 townhouses could fit NR-6.

Then in the mail came a rezone application by Mr. Cragun, for MR-20 zoning on 100 East — 20 units per acre — probably all in at 40 units for the 2 acres. Then TC-1 High Density possible 4 story on Garff Garden's half acre and all the way across Cragun's five parcels on 100 East — then a proposal to rezone our church to MR-20 from NR-6.

We oppose his newly stated intent. It seems it's a step-back to Garden Park Apts. from a different approach as he asks for 120 units 4 story Apartment and MR-20 & TC 1.

Last summer two petitions merged into 630 people wanting townhouses and to save Garff Gardens! Numerous e-mails, yard signs, fliers, and meetings supported townhouses — read Cragun's application intent filed three weeks after door-to-door visits. Who has money in this project?

Mr. Fjeldsted states many apartment residents will increase business. Al's Sporting and “Big Five” are a stone’s throw away. They have sales and price cuts competing with his store. Amazon is the choice of young and old. It has impacted once-thriving malls and stores. Logan's streets are a straight shot to any store! Prices and sales drive choices, not proximity.

Most popular dining is north of downtown: Sizzler, Chi|i’s, Coppermill, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, etc.

Logan has a unique sense of place. We have all spoken for the beautiful core of this city. Property owners should count over developers’ profits.

The green space of Garff Gardens can never be brought back once lost. The historic core of the city was carefully planned, not for the amount of money of a developer, but for the forever beauty that has defined Logan!

E-mail the City Council to reject MR-20 and TC-1 rezone at 150 South 100 East (Mayor Holly Daines, hdaines60@gmail.com; Tom Jensen, thomascarljensen@gmail.com; Herm Olsen, herm@hao-law.com; Jeannie Simmonds, jfsimmonds@comcast.net; Amy Anderson, azadeikanderson@hotmail.com; Jess Bradfield, jessbradfield@gmail.com.), or drop off a letter at the City Hall, 290 N. 100 West, Logan.

A City Council hearing on this matter is Tuesday, May 21, in the council chamber at 5:30 p.m.

Bill Bird