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To the editor:

After attending the town hall meeting on June 25th, spearheaded by Logan’s senator, Lyle W. Hillyard, and Orem’s Curtis Bramble, all I can say is this: Here in “Utax” (formerly Utah) our state politicians are looters. The more they get the more they want, and the more they want to spend. They simply don’t understand cutbacks, ostensibly, the town hall was for a public hearing and for “public” input, but in reality, it was (obvious by the propaganda) that they had already made their minds up. Mr. Bramble was largely put in power by Gov. Huntsman, who along with Mitt Romney is for “Big Govt.” big spenders. (Romney was behind the scenes!) The already bloated socialistic never-ending tax machine of state government wouldn’t get rid of nonessential programs and dead-weight employees if their careers depended on it. It’s tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend. It was so apparent that the Utah school districts and the Utah Public Employees Union along with Utah League of Cities and Towns run this state — and what they want to fund isn’t essential. Famous bestselling author Ayn Rand (“Atlas Shrugged,” “The Fountainhead”) once stated “Anytime an official wants you to make a sacrifice ... run! It’s the sign of an approaching looter.”

What is really annoying and despicable about it is this issue of a “service tax” was shot down by public input in the last 2019 legislative session, yet Hillyard and Bramble persist! With their obsessions of taxation of everything imaginable. What’s next? A meter on your bed? Unlike fire and police protection or military on the national level, which really are the proper roles of government, this “service” tax will rob you of more freedom and give these socialists more power, but they are elitists. Their programs are in harmony with the dumbing down of students and Americans in general, as yet one more socialist program will fail, along with an already failed school system in Chicago, Texas, and California.

Don Dunbar

Brigham City