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To the editor:

Baby steps no more!

Two historic reports — the “National Climate Assessment” and “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” — strongly recommend taking giant leaps rather than baby steps to address our climate crisis.

One huge step is setting on a desk in the U.S. Congress. Titled ”The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act,” this bipartisan, revenue neutral bill would shrink our carbon footprint by 40% in 12 years according to intensive economic modeling by the Regional Economic Model Incorporated, a highly touted firm used by Utah and many other states and businesses for setting economic policy.

 “One option being discussed by policy makers is a national revenue-neutral carbon tax. This would promote greater energy efficiency and the use of today’s lower-carbon options, avoid further burdening the economy, and also provide incentives for markets to develop additional low-carbon energy solutions for the future.” — Darren Woods, CEO, Exxon Mobile.

Citizens in 26 of 29 Utah counties support a carbon tax according to the Yale Project.

Our U.S. Congressman want to hear from us on this critical issue! Go to www.citizensclimatelobby.org, click on “Our Climate Solution” and write your congressman. Please include Senator Romney.

Jack Greene