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To the editor:

I have reached a ripe old age because of advice my dad game me 55 years ago. Of course, times have changed and become even more dangerous because of the internet. But his advice still stands true. Young men and women, always meet a stranger you don’t know in a very public place, and have several friends with you. If the stranger is sincere and above board, they won’t mind a bit.

Don’t meet a stranger you’ve met on the internet alone at night. Don’t get in their vehicle. Rather, bring your own transportation — and a friend. Always make sure that someone knows where you’re going.

You can drive yourself wherever your date wants to go — and drive yourself home again. Many a young person has disappeared in a stranger’s vehicle!

My dad was a hard-nosed private detective. I bless and love him for his timely advice all those years ago. If this article saves just one young person to live a full, happy life, it will have done its job.

Maria Thelon


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