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To the editor:

I attended the climate emergency rally on October 4th. I went because it felt like an action that I could take as an individual. I also wanted to listen to the speakers to learn more about local environmental issues and what I can do to help. I feel like I was able to make an impact, at the very least in showing local leaders that climate change does have a voice in Logan. There was some information shared that made me hopeful, like that it’s illegal to idle for over two minutes in Logan (I didn’t know that) and that around half of electricity in Logan is from renewable energy sources, mostly hydropower from the Logan River. But I also learned a figure that did not spark joy. 10 million people die yearly due to the same air pollution that is causing climate change. Fortunately, the speakers also gave solutions. I left feeling very empowered to contact my representatives about what they are doing for the environment. Furthermore, I was able to learn about Citizens Climate Lobby, a group arguing for a carbon tax and dividend. My main takeaway was to keep fighting. The earth is my home, and I will do what I must to protect it.

Belle Weed


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