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To the editor:

I’ve always been actively passionate about “Leave No Trace” when I'm with the Boy Scouts and others in multiple venues, especially including our beautiful mountains. Now my love for this planet is engaging me in a huge battle to get people to use reusable shopping bags and to help minimize our dependence on those single-use plastic bags (SUPB’s) that are destroying our planet!

This retired teacher spends 40-plus hours weekly doing personal shopping at a major grocery store. I know all-about SUPB’s —they’re my livelihood! Some of our customers complain about SUPB’s — sometimes with an exclamation point! — but there’s no changes on the horizon!

First, I’m proposing a FANTASTIC idea for in-store shoppers who bring or buy reusable bags. If the checker sees the customer using mainly reusable bags, let’s give them an instant 1% discount, which reflects the saved expenditure for plastic bags! Everybody wins — including our planet!

Now, for my precious online shoppers, because of California and other states, the software program that we use daily is already designed to accommodate online shoppers and their bagging preferences, including reusable bags. The program is already in our handheld computers, but our Utah managers refuse to activate it.

With this program, when you place your online grocery order with our stores, the computer asks you if you want plastic bags. If you say NO, then when your groceries are brought to your car there’ll be no bags involved (except for raw meat and chemicals). My co-workers in those states will help you load your groceries into the reusable bags that you own (I HOPE!) and you’re on your way! We could do that here in Utah if our managers would simply activate that program. This would be a big step to possibly ameliorating our SUPB problems!

I wish I could end my letter now, but if you reply YES, they’ll place your items in plastic bags as they shop for you like we do. When they bring your groceries and bags out to your car they process your order — including paying for your bags — on their handheld devices. If we were allowed to use that program in Logan, Utah, right now, we’d simply say “zero” plastic bags to pay for. That’s so simple!

All the managers have to do is push the switch to activate that program. We can serve you — and our planet — better with that program!

Please talk to your store managers now! And then please talk to them again!

And please tell Herm Olsen and our city/county councils that you’re choosing the “no-bags!” option (or at least fewer plastic bags)!

Davy McClay