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Term limits were tested out by the Continental Congress and proved a disaster. Congressmen became instant lame duck, easily compromised, because citizens lost all leverage, power, and influence, as they lost half their right to vote.

Term limits come with guaranteed lengths in office robbing people of both their right to quickly vote corrupt congressmen out of office, and to also re-elect congressmen who continually demonstrate constitutional loyalty. A term limit can’t deliver that loyalty but does deliver identical bureaucratic policies currently directed by political parties.

The Constitution doesn’t need to be changed. Congressmen need to stop betraying their contract with the American people and their oath of office. Marriage pledges 100% fidelity. When a congressman breaks his 100% contract of fealty with constituents, he’s not trustworthy or faithful. Term limit and balanced budget amendments are but Trojan Horses that invade the Constitutions security, and will not stop Constitutional betrayal. It’s not the job of a convention, it’s yours and our State legislators’ job. Check out Congressmen’s voting records, then hold their feet to the fire and target their constitutional abuse. Kindly teach and show them that voters are constitutionally informed. Meet with them, write a letter, email or call, but don’t ignore their betrayal.

Check out the track record of their votes on the Congressional Scorecard at and the freedom index at Both transparently display congressional oath keepers, compared to the oath breakers. Easily determine if your State’s U.S. congressmen are compromised. Armed with knowledge voters now have massive powers. Constitutional instruction is key, and more importantly must be legislated into every state’s school system. Real patriots take online constitutional courses from, the Center for Constitutional Studies and Hillsdale College. Don’t spill blood. Smarten up. It’s your duty.

Our Founding Fathers and Supreme Sourt justices repeatedly warned about the dangers associated with delivering unlimited and unchecked power to delegates of a Constitutional Convention. Dangers lay in their ability to make bad look good, and good look bad, after which the votes of delegates are secreted and never made public.

We aren’t disturbed with the Constitution. We are disturbed by congressmen that ignore it with impunity. The Constitution of state’s flexible type program, will undermine the inspiration of our brilliant Founding Fathers, weaken the power of legislators, undermine a States independence, eviscerate peoples rights and open the back door of the Constitution to both Lenin and Khrushevs prediction: we won’t have to use weapons, for they will drop like ripe fruit, and their children will live under communism. Let’s not carve the Constitution like a Halloween pumpkin. See that Congressmen for your state live and honor it, or get voted out of office.

Barton Boothe


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