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To the editor:

The shocker of the week has to be that the Grifter has filed suit against the House Ways and Means Committee and the N.Y. state attorney general to block the release of his tax returns. It’s almost like telling people to ignore subpoenas or not answer 155 questions during testimony. It is “truthfully” (We do still use and believe in that word and concept, right?) no shock at all.

The Grifter and his businesses have been involved in approximately 3,500 federal and state legal cases to include, my personal favorite, the “dean” of Trump University settling a $25 million litigation for selling a decade’s worth of BS degrees. That’s the guy who sits in the office of what used to be considered the “leader of the free world.” I’m not sure what the world calls it now.

Individual 1, for being such a profoundly innocent, upstanding, genius, certainly seems to go to a lot trouble, to not have things found out about him. Those are truly great leadership traits?

On July 28th we can celebrate the 151st anniversary of the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This granted citizenship to ALL persons born or naturalized in the United States — including former slaves —a nd guaranteed ALL citizens “equal protection of the laws.” There was and is still work to be done but this was the foundation and a turning point for our nation and our history.

We can also celebrate that our current Grifter wasn’t in office in 1868 or the 14th Amendment might still be in litigation.

Silence is acceptance. I can’t help it, he’s just not my type!

Tod Goodwin