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To the editor:

As we continue to be overwhelmed in this upside-down world, there are moments where things can be turned right side up. This past week we were fortunate to have an experience that gave us just that. On Veterans Day, the America Festival Singers and Orchestra gave a spectacular virtual concert performance that provided a respite from all the stuff we’ve been enduring for so many months. This concert provided the best 30 minutes I’ve had all year!

Craig Jessop did it again as he gathered all the right people to make this fantastic production. This concert is not only a beautiful tribute to our veterans, it is a tribute to the people in Cache Valley and the time and talent they are willing to offer (and I’m sure there was much frustration laced through it all to make it just right!). And oh the views of Cache valley are like you may not have seen before! This concert is a masterpiece, and I hope you share it with your family and friends. What a wonderful way to bring people together ... separately.

You can view the concert on line by googling American Festival Chorus and Orchestra: Veteran Day Concert.

Carol Foht


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