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To the editor:

“No matter how much the media attempts to convince voters otherwise, this election is not about Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. It is chaos versus order, hate attacking civility, entitlement rejecting accountability, censorship in lieu of freedom, the corrupt establishment versus the nonnegotiable ideal of limited government. Rather than fulfilling their sworn duty of upholding the Constitution, serving the American people, the Democratic Party has spent the last four years inciting mass hysteria, fabricating one crisis after another, solely to influence an election by obstructing the president’s every decision at the expense of greater prosperity, racial unity, and most of all, our national security and collective sanity.

These malicious actions were never about progress, hope or strengthening our country. They were, and still remain, a coordinated ambush on the one populist leader exposing their unrelenting legacy of failure and betrayal; a vast coup d’etat waged by radical leftists, foreign agitators and wealthy globalists against our societal values, economy and future as a free republic. Their profiting members are the same social saboteurs complicit with innocent bystanders being dragged out of their cars and savagely beaten, anarchists burning private property and looting businesses, trained Marxists destroying historical monuments to erase our founding heritage and national pride, racial militants killing cops and demanding disbanding police — our only line of defense against violent mobs and street gangs — and partisan terrorists punishing the career and reputation of any concerned citizen who dares voice an opinion contrary to the false media narrative.

It is within this raging cultural firestorm of mass propaganda, the liberal press and their social media allies have distorted and concealed the fact our president accomplished more in just three years of public service for Americans from all walks of life, even under the most hostile of circumstances, than any of his more celebrated predecessors in the past 50 years. November 3rd is not just another election; It is a final referendum on our nation’s survival, our very perception of right versus wrong, our desire to preserve the civil liberties, livelihoods and personal safety of our friends and loved ones. To abstain is to knowingly embrace our own demise.” @asimplelife76 used with permission

Victoria Huish


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